Overview of RadioTrends


Listen to music for free according to your taste


RadioTrends offers a huge selection of songs that you can listen to instantly for free.

Use filters to adapt the selection to your musical taste and only listen to your favorite songs.


With RadioTrends you can also easily search for specific radio stations and listen to them directly.

Filtering the radio stations is also possible to meet your individual style.


Have you ever heard a song on the radio and don't know what it's called?

In the playlist you can see which songs were played and when.

But you can also search for a title and artist and thus find a song again if necessary.

How does RadioTrends work?

RadioTrends is a search engine for radio stations.

All of our partner radios are continuously scanned and the relevant information is provided here.

Therefore we can say exactly which songs are played when and based on this we can calculate our own trends.

Add Radio?

If you are the owner or representative of a radio station and would like to become a partner of RadioTrends, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The prerequisite is that your radio station can be streamed online and that the songs currently being played can be viewed on your website.